Thursday, February 10, 2011

letter from a friend

I just had to post this here. I received a message from an old friend of mine. Such thoughtful words - brought tears to my eyes and a glowing smile to my face. He truly reminded me of why I take photos and write. Although, through doing these things, it brings myself great joy, it's nice to see that others feel it too. And that others can embrace their weirdness, through my weirdness.
I miss him.

"manny. i must say your that piece (i am guessing it's your wonderfully chosen words that did that piece 'meddlesome'?) Wow...and looking through your photos...I REALLY LIKE THEM...and in saying that, the words that i write here, they don't mean much...however, my appreciation for your art (your words, your photos), well they shower the universe in gratification for the inspiration you've given me...but more so the world...thank you and don't ever stop coloring in the beautiful pages of everyday life **. truly and sincerely...
- J
p.s your moccasins are wonderful *"

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