Thursday, February 10, 2011

Curious character,
What a clever endeavour you’ve designed!
Oh, but you’ve met your match.
How does it feel to be the uneasy one?
Do your nerves go astray?
Does it feel as though you’ve got your thoughts all together?
But, then, like a fist full of stones, tightly gripped, cast towards the water, vanishing below the surface,
Impossible to find again?
This does not cause me contentment,
But, like wine, though it does not hold quite the quenching power of water,
It keeps me from going dry,
And causes my cheeks to flush.
Perhaps it is time you find the solution to your own worriment.

Oh, what a clever endeavour I’ve designed


Ms. E. said...

Great glasses!!! So cute! :-)

Manny-Raquel Johnston said...

Thank you!!
I just got them yesterday.
Glad you approve. :)