Wednesday, October 10, 2012

words from friends

Hope that you are strong and healthy and BEAUTIFUL as ever. Sorry that I missed your birfday! I had no phone, no internet, and no energy-- and so after work I just came home and slept before hitting the farm up for Thanksgiving. I am sure it was a ball - I was really looking forward to it and find it a total let down to miss this main attraction of Autumn. I hope that it will be cosmically inclined for us to meet up more frequently in your 23rd - is it? - year. It seems like we have more and more trouble connecting, despite intentions. No harm done however - I miss being around you! I was just thinking about Valentine's Day -- sitting in your bronco or whatever your crazy all-terrain vehicle is, outside of your friend's house.

Not sure what your plans are today - only planned on reading Margaret Atwood's new amazing novel all day if you want to stop in at The Hoot for an hour or two.

Love you more than fall's fresh air.

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