Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"Be well aware," quoth then that Ladie milde,
"Least suddaine mischiefe ye too rash provoke:
The danger hid, the place unknowne and wilde,
Breedes dreafull doubts: Oft fire is without smoke,
And perill without show: therefore your stroke
Sir knight with-hold, till further triall made."
"Ah Ladie," said he, "shame were to revoke
The forward footing for an hidden shade:
Vertue gives her selfe light, though darkenesse for to wade."

"Yea but," quoth she, "the perill of this place
I better wot then you, though now too late
To wish you bake returne with foule disgrace,
Yet wisdome warnes, whilest foot is in the gate,
To stay the stepe, ere forced to retrate.
This is the wandring wood, this Errours den,
A monster vile, whom God and man does hate:
Therefore I read beware." "Fly fly," quoth then
The fearefull Dwarfe: "this is no place for living men."

The Faerie Queen

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