Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cherry Bomb!

Down the street, I'm the girl next door
I'm the fox you've been waiting for

Hello Daddy, Hello Mom
I'm your cherry bomb!
Hello world, I'm your wild girl
I'm your cherry bomb!

Come on baby, let me get to you
Bad nights cause'n teenage blues
Get down ladies, you've got nothing to lose!

Hey street boy what's your style?
Your dead end dreams don't make you smile
I'll give ya something to live for...
Have ya, grab ya, 'til your sore

I'm your ch-ch-cherry bomb!


herecomesthesun said...

I just saw the Runaways last week, what did you think of it? I thought it was quite interesting but I walked away from it feeling a bit sad, it was kind of hard to watch people falling apart! But it was still a pretty good film.

Manny-Raquel Johnston said...

I felt the same way.
Very interesting, but rather heart-breaking.