Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Yay! Who doesn't love a survey? Back in the day, I filled these babies out a little too often then I'd care to admit. I stumbled across this one a little while ago. Each question needs to be answered along with a photo. Sounds like my kind of survey...

1. your hair?
Is blonde and wavy.

2. Cats or Dogs?

3. your father: is wonderful.

4. your favorite holiday? Christmas.

5. your favourite thing in your room? My jewlery holding branch.

6. your favorite drink? Apple juice, Eggnog, Mojito’s, and wine.

7. your dream/goal? I wouldn't mind being marc jacob's muse. How cool would that be?! I have a lot of goals for myself. I'd like to open my own shop and have my studio there. Or be a writer. Or a photographer. But I must be a traveller.

8. the room you are in? My bedroom.

9. what is your hobby?
taking photos.
making things.
collecting teacups and perfume bottles.
having long nights with friends.

10. what is your fear? Failure.

11. where were you last at lunch time yesterday? With my fantastic long-time friend Katie at a new cafe, Tangerine.

12. something you are not? Timid.

13. muffins: are great. But I prefer cupcakes.

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Kristyn said...

LOVE this entire post. and you.